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Ramona V. Flowers ([personal profile] the_ex_in_xp) wrote2011-01-10 11:57 pm

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Edgar Wright thought a great way to pimp the Scott Pilgrim movie was by making an official music video. Here I am riffing on that idea shamelessly by collecting the Scott Pilgrim music videos that don't suck*

Level 1: Band approved fan music videos (because they are nerds)

Music video done for a contest by a local band. This one won.

This band wasn't in the running, but I love I Fight Dragons anyway so it's included.

Level 2: Fan MVs of movie + comics

Favorite video so far, overall. SO IF YOU WATCH ANY WATCH THIS.

Same vidder, but this one is from Ramona's POV:

Level 3: Because it's funny okay!?

Obligatory Mortal Kombat video Ramona is Kitana awww yeah:

All I can say is "...woah":

Bonus Round!:

* accounts of sucking are up to individual interpretation. The loosest one is at least nobody's slow angsting to an Evanescence song...

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