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Ramona V. Flowers ([personal profile] the_ex_in_xp) wrote2011-04-20 07:00 pm
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[following the really long talk of dumbassery and feelings]

...well, her being a giant bitch is kind of distracting.

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It can be, yeah.

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[oh god what, headdesking]

She only eats guys, Ramona. That's why I'm not worried.

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Not really her life story, just... I dunno. What she is, I guess.

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[not even going to bother to argue anything right now, just sort of massaging her temples :/]


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[... giving you a long look and then sighing]

Will do.

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[resting her head on one palm and looking away so she doesn't have to see how Not Okay you are with this]


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[... stifling a smile. Luckily whether she succeeds or fails doesn't matter because she's not looking at you]

I never read those books, hon.

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Blockbuster family movies also don't really appeal to me.

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Tilda Swinton does that in movies I care about too. One of them was even directed by the Coen Brothers.

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[... leaning back in her chair and patting you on the hand :|b]

It's a movie, Ramona. It's no big deal.