the_ex_in_xp: (Symbolic of relationship cockblock)
Ramona V. Flowers ([personal profile] the_ex_in_xp) wrote2011-12-02 06:16 pm


This is for my counselees, hereby listed as:

Cesare Borgia
Okita Sougo
Rachel Berry
Red Arrow
Sollux Captor

Okay dudes I am super excited to be that counselor that gives out terrible advice and annoys you so expect me to hunt you down when I can and back tag for as long as necessary. I'm usually around after 6 PST (8+ GMT) and can thread late into the night. If you are an early bird I will clear up time in my schedule for you! Help me help you help each other or something.

The other thing is if you have Ramona and you have a serious dark issue you don't want coming to light...she won't poke! She's very hands off once it looks like the person doesn't want to talk about said subject (being the exact same way), so if you do want some counseling on that let me know so we can figure out a means to circumvent our mutually recalcitrant characters. Also, don't expect good advice or genuine help, but I'm here for hilarious bad decisions and letting you be as unhinged as you like (you wacky kids with your dating a terrorist, sending a rival to a crack house for a fake audition, or insert sister joke) and saying terrible things with no judging--okay minor judging but not in any way that would offend your morals.

If none of these times or offers sound like they could work, drop me a line here and I will also make a counseling post in my journal if you just can't do the timing or talk through any issues you may have. I REALLY WANT TO THREAD WITH YOU GUYS. ♥

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