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First order of business! I'm at the extended family so that + holiday flu + LJ being a butt = extremely spotty for the next week or so. Please bear with me.

Second order of business, Ramona has been channeling her issues with enforced holiday cheer. This means there are people she is bribing to continue being friendly with her via Christmas gifts, as is the American way. You can just assume they've been delivered off screen or we can thread stuff out if you would find it amusing/heartwarming/hilariously awkward.

April Ludgate this card with an attachment of Stephen Stills's traumatized face
Dante weapons polish, and a card with death metal Santa which says "Enjoy. And I'll look for some European heavy metal on my vacation."
Katou Yue an I.O.U. in the card which says "This is a blank check for when we get out for a day. Just don't go asking for a pony or something, dude."
Machika a mix CD of violin and cello music. The card has a reindeer on it and says "Hope some of these tracks fall into your like category."
Marceline a mix CD of riot grrl/Lilith fair music. The card has a snowflake on it and says "This is a good crash course in the stuff I was talking about."
Mickey Mouse wtf do you even get Mickey Mouse, apparently scented candles and Agatha Christie novels. There's the attempt at the most tasteful card with "Happy Holidays" on it.
Red Arrow whatever e-mail account he's been assigned has mysteriously been credited with the animated version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" from Amazon. Super anonymously.
Roxie Richter a really nice professional hoodie and acrylic paints. No card.
Setsuna Mudou nice headphones and a wrapped gift within the gift (surprise: they're condoms) and a card with a sickeningly sweet angel on it that says "Merry Christmas. Thanks for the night out. And don't open the other gift until you go on vacation. I mean it."
Stephen Stills a bottle of Canadian maple syrup (sugar free, sadly) and a safety whistle. The card has a snowman with stubble on it and says "Merry Christmas. Or Happy Christmas. I don't really know which one you guys prefer. Also the whistle isn't totally a joke gift, don't ask."
Taku Mizusawa a blue and white headband and plain card that says "Happy New Year (early) and stuff. If you go on vacation, don't train too hard."
Tetsuya Hino matching blue and white wrist warmers and a plain card that says "These probably won't help your training, but at least they match stylishly. Don't work too hard."
Wendy Watson a list of Amazon on demand movies including decent ones like "Desk Set" and the seasonal clunker "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians," a mug with "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" on it, and acrylics. The card is something abstract and says, "Happy Holidays. I figured if I hit all the bases you'd get something you liked."

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All right! Headphones!

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YES WEAPONS POLISH. NOW HE CAN POLISH HIS NEW AXE. this is better than christmas at home.