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Yuletide treasure

Bart gave out:

Red Arrow and Guy get nerf arrow toys and Christmas pie (it's a little heavy on the whipped cream, he got out of hand).

Kara got a birdfeeder made out of popsicle sticks with a note for "when you want some friends during flying time."

Ricochet gets a comic drawn of a weird Jaws/Jurassic Park/Lord of the Rings composite that's heavy on the explosions and low on the actual plotting.

Cass Cain gets an action figure repainted with kung fu action grip.

Superboy gets Wendy the Werewolf Stalker DVDs >.>

Ramona gave out:

Breeze a metal baseball bat (this was a joint gift with Roxie, where they bickered over wood vs. metal and Roxie won the argument :/).

Britta Perry a knitted thing that vaguely looks like some kind of potholder or simply an unfinished hackey sack. Her third place best counselor certificate with her name whited out and a note of "I know these awards are dumb but you probably deserve it more anyway. Happy Seasonal Day of Various Significances."

Conrad an e-mail with a playlist compilation of some bands you've never heard of's exclusive live shows (focusing on Brit indie alt), and a nice shirt from a brand line that she remembers Gideon being less than derisive about.

Emily Fields a waterproof timer/wristwatch/alarm + goggles + a combat knife (joint gift with Roxie...she could guess who offered what).

Hanna Cross Michael Crichton's Pirate Latitudes and a non-fiction DVD that's an expose of Bigfoot. With the promise of food from vacation.

Jack Harkness a few tins of breath mints with a note saying "I'm sure you have lots of uses for these."

Mickey Mouse the Star Wars original trilogy + It Happened One Night DVD with some attempt at Mickey Mouse sugar cookies...minus the real sugar.

Red Arrow a mini-mp3 + headphones loaded with religious old time Christmas music and some other ones like "Fairytale of New York" and "I'll Be Home for Christmas" snuck in.

Roxie Richter a wool lined winter jacket with a hood, a chain/leather braided bracelet, plus the usual gift of paints. And the suggestive hint of "real gift to come at vacation."

Setsuna Mudou a burned CD of Christmas carols that aren't completely terrible and a small target board to practice his aim for future catapults.

Thor tequila :|b

Wendy Watson (in a joint gift with Roxie) a collection of esoteric B-flicks that have ridiculous premises like kaijuu films, Attack the Block, spaghetti westerns, spaghetti westerns with aliens, then a collection of paints (obviously of Roxie's choosing). And the promise of arty postcards from vacation.

Vanya gets a bottle of red hair dye.

Shuichi, Hunter and Tobias all get a holiday card with a more obliquely phrased "sorry you still have problems, have some Christmas gingerbread."

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Hey, the goggles are mine too!