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Ramona V. Flowers ([personal profile] the_ex_in_xp) wrote2013-06-06 04:13 pm
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Counseling assignments plotting post

Kuroko Tetsuya ([personal profile] unnoticeaball) | Activity(ies): talk about past relationships/being abandoned; get Kuroko to be more noticeable
Hino Eiji ([personal profile] regretnooothing) | Activity(ies): talk about Eiji's suicidal tendencies; "bedninja" (pretend Camp put you there) three people
Brianna ([personal profile] fayzedandconfused) | Activity(ies): talk about friends; talk about family; talk about not being fuck ups!!!
Leo Baskerville ([personal profile] gavehimhead) | Activity(ies): post something embarrassing on the network; talk about Leo's headmonster; ninja training!!

So this is the counseling list for Ramona and it looks super fun, so help me help you (probably not ICly help you, Ramona is sucky at actual help) by letting me know if/what you want to do. Do you want funny? Serious? To tag you at a certain time, be out in a specific post so you can tag me? Do a co-post for activities? Maybe have a specific goal in mind that you want me to aim for or general gist of where you want things to go? I will do whatever you like to make this as fun as possible.

Right now she's kind of even more gun-shy about doing counselor duties ('sup Brianna), but I will make this work and if your camper is also against this we can plan out circumstances that will keep them from blowing it off.

My hours are kind of terrible this summer but I will try to switch around schedules for you and I'm always down for backtagging. Just let me know!

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