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Hiatus and meme

So I've been sporadic in the past week or so because life has generally been full of things, and it probably won't clear up until the end of the first week of August. Or later, depending on how moving and internet transferring works out... So I'm going to be on hiatus until that's over.

However, I still want to engage in some kind of CFUD related stuff, which means question meme time! Ask me about relationships, future plans for CR, anything you want and I'll ask you stuff in return. If you don't have anything to ask still comment! Because I may need distractions and I WILL GIVE YOU A SURPRISE. I don't know what it is even, that is why it would be an awesome surprise...
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We should do Hanna and Ramona things!! THAT'S NOT A QUESTION i'm just sayin'
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HANNA IS A LITTLE OUT OF THE LOOP WITH RAMONA. For awhile they were both trying really hard to keep things Super Friends Brotimes but as they started to hang out a little less he fell out of the forced habit of PLATONIC FEELINGS (not that he ever stopped having a crush on her) but now he's... come back to being extra .//. ramona!! AND IT'S BAD. Basically he got so good at ignoring the herd of elephants of things they never talk about that he's convinced himself they don't exist. oops

He wants to impress her and for her to think he's cool and if she asked about runes he'd be on that in a second. 8>

There's another soiree party thing coming up and that would be an excellent time for Hanna to make an ass of himself.
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oh man I feel like we just did relationships sooo if anything new needs to be said, go for it, but otherwise... IDK GIVE ME A RAMONA SOTU about stuff. all kinds of stuff.
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IT'S COOL moving is the worst o9"

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She wasn't going to go to the soiree thing because of Mindy being gone, but then Jade was like "no, you should go!" so she ended up going despite herself and ended up dancing with Jack and basically being an asshole to him and they haven't talked since then. :( She also fought with Jade about God or something, but at least that argument was based on an actual reason and not just Breeze being like "My girlfriend left! Validate me by being my rebound makeout partner!" #breezelife

She did talk to Red Arrow and told him she died, and he mentioned that he knew Ramona was counseling her in June, so Breeze is kind of like "lol I know she was bitching about that," but she's not really mad about it or anything because she would bitch about having to counsel herself too. :I So it's probably not something she'd pursue talking about with Ramona.

UHH what else mostly she's been hanging around Irene, which is awful, but she doesn't know it's awful, because Irene is always validating her feelings and making her feel good about herself. They made a secret plan to have Breeze fight off a monster in front of people so she'll seem important! Irene told Breeze that killing herself in Camp is a great experiment!! And Irene sneakily made Breeze feel like crap about the whole "I ASKED IF I COULD GO TO SOMEONE'S WORLD AND SHE SAID NO" thing by flat out saying that Ramona doesn't care about her, whoops, while at the same time she nudged Breeze further away from going to Fringeverse by saying that Breeze needs more freedom than that world could give her. ... SO UH yeah that relationship is a thing/trainwreck waiting to happen.

But yes! I'd love to do a post sometime. :> THINGS SHOULD HAPPEN.
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But especially about Ramona & Roy.
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... note to self: Never click the links.

Okay, so partial reverse, partial SOTU. Roy's main focus (and I still think of him as Roy even if he doesn't) is on getting back home and finding the "real" Roy Harper. All other concerns are secondary. The thing is, he's pragmatic about it--he knows that, stuck in Camp, there's nothing he can do about it right now. At most, he can keep training and keep himself in good condition so as to be ready to go first thing as soon as he gets home. But until then, he's mostly just in a holding pattern (unless I update, which is unlikely at this point)--he'll still help people and do the hero thing because it's the right thing to do and he's not that big of a jerk, but he'll rationalize that as staying sharp. Socializing, making new friends? Well, since it's not going to help him when he gets home, he doesn't see the point.

Except--and unless (more on this in a second)--where Ramona's concerned. I've mentioned this before, but--odd as it sounds--Ramona has really been his anchor ever since he had those unpleasant revelations earlier. Of the people he knew before he found out about the whole Manchurian clone thing, Ramona is the one he's currently closest to, so their relationship going on much as it always has has been a seriously important touchstone for him--the last bit of normalcy he's holding on to. It's incredibly important to him not to lose that bond, because without it he thinks he has... well, nothing, really. That's why in their current conversation, he' got something of a rose-colored nostalgia glasses perspective--"No, no, we were always friends, right from the start, because I need us to have been friends, to be friends now, and to always stay friends going forward, or else I really am nothing but a programmed weapon." Socializing with Ramona convinces him he's really human, and if they do that by training, so much the better.

Which is also why it's important that she's pushing the whole "socialize and have fun" thing--this is the "unless" I mentioned earlier. He's not willing to admit it right this moment, but if Ramona keeps pushing him to really go out and make friends despite his apathy, he'll see that she's right, that it's important to cope that way, too, and--again, from his overly pragmatic perspective--that making friends now that he knows his history would be more proof that he's more than someone else's puppet.

It's funny, too, that a lot of Ramona's motivation is coming from her conflict over whether to confront Gideon or to run away again. Roy will want to know that's why she has a new dedication to training, because again, he's inherently enough of a hero to want to help her, and especially because she's so important to him. Pragmatically--there's that word again--he will think that she'd be better off confronting Gideon and beating him and moving past all of her baggage, however difficult and painful that might be. But selfishly...? Oh, that's a new, different feeling that could prompt a revelation about him being more than a puppet, too--because selfishness, having desires, well, that's part of being human, too. So selfishly, if she had asked him "so... if I sort of ran away from everything and showed up in your world you'd only judge me a little?", his answer would be very interesting.

... possibly something along the lines of, "If you showed up in my world, I would jump you even if the whole Justice League was watching."

Because she is so important to him, it's not a huge step further to love, really. He hasn't made that step--he knows neither of them have made that step, and he knows that extra step is still there, still needs to be taken (if at all), and still has plenty of obstacles in the way of successful stepping. But her showing up in the YJ-verse would go a long way toward eliminating those obstacles, in his mind--unless, of course, Roxie was with her. She's the major obstacle, and Roy doesn't want to do anything to break them up, or to encourage Ramona to do anything to break them up. I'm just saying that if it were to happen, he wouldn't waste any time in submitting his resume and references as a replacement candidate, you know? He's okay if nothing comes of it, because pragmatically (take a shot!) he knows that "that might be fun, but technically it's not mission critical, either." But he wonders sometimes, is all.

... does that make anything remotely resembling sense?
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... okay that's adorable. Thank you ♥
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first impressions for irene/general relationship stuff for ramona and wendy/state of the ramona??! PICK ANY OF THE ABOVE
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Okay how are we really doing
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Okay I had a thing written and then I disliked it because it was gibberish so we'll see if I like this one any more.

I'd say a very sizable chunk of Roxie's thought processes re: Ramona just boil down to "don't fuck up" because it's Roxie and she always always thinks there's a sizable chance she's going to fuck something up because... there is realistically always a chance that she's going to fuck something up. That is a thing. So she's trying to minimize the odds of it as much as possible with Ramona because, and I'm sure I've said this in these before, Roxie genuinely sees this as her last shot and if she blows this everything is over and she's just going to shut herself in a loft somewhere painting forever. Which is of course a totally unreasonable expectation to place on a relationship but... yeah. She feels like that.

(Unfortunately, this focus on not fucking things up with Ramona has probably increased her probability of fucking up elsewhere, hence her relationships with both Breeze and Jennifer being pretty strained right now. D'oh.)

She wants to give Ramona space on the fighting Gideon thing because it wasn't a thing Roxie was expecting Ramona to say and it's... it probably wouldn't be right to say that she believes it as much as it would be to say that she really really wants to believe it. Because realistically Roxie thinks that it should be Ramona standing up to Gideon and fighting him and beating him because she's the one whose life he's really fucked up with the League and everything, but she still wants to punch him in the face forever until he dies really really bad and she is training with the possibility that that's what's going to need to happen in mind.

So probably the fact that Roxie is so deadset on trying to be what she thinks is the best possible version of herself at all times and try to not bring important stuff up for a while until she can't avoid it anymore is going to be what maybe takes a while for another serious talk to happen, but at the same time there's also the knowledge that she does have to initiate those serious talks because otherwise they just... probably won't happen. Which is frustrating! And Roxie hates being frustrated too and she hates frustrating Ramona in turn, but at the same time it has to happen because Roxie didn't go through all that shit and self-doubt and working up the courage to do the stuff she's done just for the relationship to end when camp decides it's time for the relationship to end.

I DON'T KNOW HOW TO END THIS. Roxie loves Ramona and wants to be with her too WHY ISN'T THIS SIMPLE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SIMPLE. Can't we just drop a nuke on every Chaos Theater or something?
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