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Everything passes, everything changes

Just do what you think you should do

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Name:Ramona V. Flowers
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:United States of America
[can be reached: [personal profile] gaisce at gmail dot com]

Interests (81):

alcohol, alfred hitchcock, an abundance of katherines, art house movies, avoidance therapy, bad b-movies, being left alone, bob dylan songs, booze, canadian stuff, cats, changes, escapism, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, experimenting and/or phases, fargo, fluffy bunnies, friendships of mutual hate, functional relationships, getting a job, getting a life, getting over shit, getting smashed, gideon gordon graves, grosse point blank, hair cutting catharsis, hair dye, ice skating, johnny cash, jose cuervo especial tequila, joy division, julie powers's booze stash, ken katayanagi, kim pine, knives chau's sanity, kyle katayanagi, letting go, lucas lee, making setchan cry, matthew patel, maybe cows, mountains, moving on, north by northwest, not beverley cleary, not damsels in distress, not envy adams, not evil exes, not fighting, not good role modeling, not hipsters, not manic pixie dream girls, not really sex bob-omb, not regressing, not revisiting past mistakes, not you, not you either, nutter butters, one day as a lion, questionable taste in stuff, reading, rilo kiley, rollerblading, roxie richter, roxie's soft side, running away, scott pilgrim, sigur rós, stars, stephen stills, subspace, tea, tequila, the present, the replacements, the x-files, todd ingram, toronto, wallace wells, wilderness sabbaticals, young neil
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